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Behold the Beeholder

The Beeholder D&D Monster


We always love the concept of taking D&D, and making it a little weirder. Through bad puns, genre blending, and more. It should come as no surprise that we have created the Beeholder. Half aberration and half Insect. Currently one of the Big Bad’s on Total Party Chills weekly actual play D&D show. We have named ours Kween. After DM Devon dreamt up this aberration, he approached one of the amazing artists we frequently use for TPC, Sebastian Diaconu to bring it to life via illustration.

You can find the stat block here!



Still feeling he could get more milage out of this joke, DM Devon commissioned Chris Hunt, 3D artist and founder of Dragon Workshop. Hunt, an Army Veteran and designer of miniatures and terrain, and avid player of D&D and other tabletop RPG's loved the idea immediately.

A week later Hunt and DM Devon were finalizing details on the Beeholder. You can purchase the 3D file from Dragon Workshop.

Beeholder 3D Printing

Beeholder Miniature 3D


We then had the custom Beeholder Miniature printed. We had the wonderful Qorvae Miniatures paint it up for us.


D&D Beeholder Mini Painted
Beeholder Mini Painted
The party eventually fought the Beeholder, and we had it immortalized with the art below.
Total Party Chill Fights Beeholder
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