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About Total Party Chill

We're a bunch of friends who make tabletop gaming content. Actual play shows, reviews, podcasts, merch, memes, whatever really. A few years ago we started streaming, and now we're a medium deal. 

Total Party Chill is one of the best D&D podcasts. TPC is also one of the best D&D Twitch Shows. Just ask our moms.  

How we started…

The 8 of us have been playing weekly games together for the past 4 years. Occasionally inviting others to join us for our weekly game nights. in 2018 we invited our friend who worked for Twitch, and as the night came to an end, he prompted us to start streaming our adventures on Twitch.

With limited knowledge of the technical requirements for streaming and no professional backgrounds in the industry, we set out to make our first live streamed game. 

Total Party Chill was born soon after in a group text thread between us. The following weeks involved learning the ins and outs of audio/video, creating graphics, etc.

Now with over 10k followers, we have built an amazing community for our viewers and ourselves. We have been lucky enough to grow Total Party Chill in a way that allows us to create collaborative stories that brings viewers to the table with us.