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How to Stream D&D Like Critical Role

How to stream like critical role. Some essential streaming tips for multi camera, single location streaming. While Critical Role uses some very expensive equipment and has a massive team and budget behind them. The general principles are something we can share our insight on, so you can stream D&D with your own group.

In this video, I share some tools and hardware we use for streaming D&D. If you wanna stream like critical role; Ie, with multiple cameras, and everyone in the same room. This will let you know about a few options for audio and video, along with some insights on how to broadcast to twitch and the hardware needed. 

Disclaimer: This is just the set up we use and, there are a ton of different ways to accomplish your own set up. When we started streaming, it was hard to find a solid resource on how to stream with multiple cameras with everyone in the same room. We learned a lot in our first year of streaming table top games, and wanted to share what we’ve learned.