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The #1 D&D Game Show

The #1 D&D Trivia Game Show, Quizzes of the Coast

The original D&D Trivia Game Show, Quizzes of the Coast. A live-hosted trivia game show. Where viewers compete in heads-up, pub-style trivia against your fellow viewers to see who has the highest D&D I.Q. and initiative, for prizes and glory.

Once a month, join Total Party Chill live on Twitch for Quizzes of the Coast: D&D Trivia Game Show. Hosted by Total Party Chill’s DM Devon (as seen in Bloomberg Businessweek).

D&D Trivia

To be a contestant, just jump onto Twitch, and type the “!quiz” command in Twitch Chat to get a link that allows you to play with everyone else. The link will prompt you to enter an alias, and then once the game starts, contestants will be given DnD Trivia questions, followed by 4 possible answers to choose from. The faster you choose, the more points you get for a correct answer. At the end of the trivia, the player with the most points wins that week's prize!

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I love D&D Trivia so much, and this is one of my favorite live shows of all time!

- Katie P

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