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Get to know the people responsible for making you laugh your ass off while playing games.

Devon Chulick, Dungeon Master

Devon is the creator of Total Party Chill and co-founder ofStartPlaying. He lives in San Francisco with his wife, and has been featured in Bloomberg Businessweek, SF Gate, Marketwatch, Forbes, and more for his accomplishments as a visionary game master bringing the magic of the TTRPG community to new audiences.

Daryn Wood

Daryn is a content creator known for her video essays and critical analyses on nerd content on Youtube and Twitch. She has appeared as a correspondent on the channel Den of Nerds. She appears on TPC’s TMTN. Daryn’s characters are Rowan, Allette Barrow, Geneva Anvir, Dahlia, and Rhonda Abbot.


Esha Mehta

Esha is an activist in the Bay Area. She works in Corporate Strategy at EA and as a Director of Real Estate Analytics and Technology at Visa. Esha’s characters are Brajk and Aahana Vonder.


Nate Perretta

Nate is a video game industry veteran and a long-standing member of the Total Party Chill crew. He loves making stained glass, painting miniatures, and petting every dog he comes across. Some of Nate's favorite TPC characters are Elsewhere, Lugo, Hux, Azzogeiro, and... himself (when he gets sucked into Devon's cursed campaigns)!

Rahul Vohra

Rahul is the Founder and CEO at Superhuman. As well as the former CEO and Co-Founder of Rapportive and Game Designer at Jagex. His characters are Declan and Niall Garynmor.

Lindsay Lee

Lindsay is an avid player of Magic: The Gathering and lover of puns. She is a Sr. Product Manager at Strava. Lindsay’s TPC characters are Minnie Choy, Ylara, Jack Twill, Olivia Kim, and Cynthia Zarin.

Lana Köhn

Lana Kohn is a founding member of Total Party Chill, Lana has been with the crew even before the first stream in 2018. When she isn't bringing her special brand of "chaotic energy" to the TPC table, she's honing her classically-trained fine art abilities as a full-time oil painter in San Francisco. Check out her work.

Dionte Butler-Abney

"Tay" was born in Oakland, California and raised on a loving cultural collision of basketball, video games, and movies; resulting in a handle and brand that can only be described as "Hoodnerd." After a stint playing professional ball, he set his sights on his career at PlayStation. Keep an eye out for Tay on socials and Twitch!

Phil Mills

Before moving to the Bay Area, Phil earned his Master in Fine Arts with a focus in theater and lived in New York City as an actor. He has appeared in a number of short films, web sketches, and more. Phil brings all of this experience together as a skilled content creator and professional marketer.


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