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Monster of the Week in San Francisco

Welcome to "Fog City," an actual play show set in a version of modern day San Francisco where the veil between worlds is thin, and the city is teeming with occult power. With the awakening of ancient spirits and cosmic forces, San Francisco becomes a beacon, attracting creatures of myth and folklore. The 2022 New Year's Eve earthquake marks the beginning of a shift, as the fog envelops the city, bringing with it new horrors and monsters.

An Actual Play with a Twist

Fog City is inspired by the folk tales, mythology and ghost stories of San Francisco. Five lost souls find that fate has plans for them, and they are thrust into the fog to banish evil spirits, foil the plans of multi-national immoral corporations, and find family.

Ways to Watch & Listen

Fog City: Monster of the Week is available to watch on YouTube, and the pocast is available wherever podcasts are found.


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"This game has heart. It hit that sweet spot between X-Files and Supernatural"

- Greg M


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