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Ten Minute Tabletop News

Bite sized TTRPG News
Each week we highlight the three biggest stories and news from TTRPGs in a quick ten minute breakdown. What happened and why is it important. Everything from new Virtual Tabletops, game launches, TTRPG industry news and more!

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Ten Minute Tabletop is available to watch on YouTube, and the pocast is available wherever podcasts are found.

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I listen to it every week to stay up to date.

- Jakob B

About Total Party Chill

Total Party Chill, a San Francisco-based TTRPG studio, specializes in producing a diverse array of content, including Actual Plays, Gaming News Podcasts, D&D Game Shows, and more. In addition to creating captivating content, we also design remarkable tabletop gaming products, such as the 5e Player Mat and our Learn to Play Dice. Established in 2018, TPC is driven by its mission to craft innovative TTRPG content and products that inspire enthusiasm for gameplay.



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